You are welcome!

We love to welcome you in one of our practices!

During the intake you will meet your dentist. The purpose of the intake is that your dentist explains the course of events in the practice. The dentist discusses your wishes, any dental problems and maps out your current dental situation and, if necessary, draws up a treatment plan. If photos of your teeth have recently been taken, the practitioner can provide you with even better oral care. Ideally, you will always be helped by the same dentist.

We speak the following languages: Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, Moroccan, Arabic, Portuguese, Romanian and Hungarian.

It is important for the dentist that we receive the file from your previous dentist, preferably digitally, including X-rays. Due to the GDPR legislation, you must request this yourself. If we have not received any medical data from your previous dentist before the start of the first appointment, we prefer to reschedule your first appointment and are happy to reschedule at a time that best suits you.

Tip: ask your previous dentist to send the data to your personal e-mail, this way you can keep an eye on whether they have been received and sent properly.

Do you regularly take medication? Then request a printout of your current medication list at your pharmacy and have it scanned at the counter of our practice. The practitioners can then take into account any contraindications.